About the HERO Research Grant


HERO has brought to light many challenges that people living with haemophilia experience in their daily lives, uncovering gaps in haemophilia care and helping to raise awareness of haemophilia.

The HERO Research Grant aimed to support projects involving research on the psychosocial issues and challenges faced by people living with haemophilia, focusing on: 

  • The effect of comprehensive haemophilia care on joint outcomes
  • The physical burden of haemophilia, with a specific focus on the challenge of pain
  • The psychological burden of haemophilia and access to appropriate professionals
  • Employment and career life-cycle advice for people with haemophilia and their families


Since 2014, the Core Faculty and Reviewers have reviewed and ultimately selected 17 research projects that have subsequently received grant funding provided by Novo Nordisk to support important scientific research in the field of psychosocial care in haemophilia. The objectives of the research projects are described in the following dedicated sections. 

From 2018 new HERO Research Grants will no longer be supported by Novo Nordisk.
Although it is no longer possible to fund new projects, Novo Nordisk is committed to ensure continued support for all ongoing research projects.