December 2013

At the HERO Summit in June 2013, 48 delegates from 18 countries provided a range of recommendations for areas to focus on to improve psychosocial issues for people living with haemophilia.
A HERO Summit 2013 highlights video and a Summary report are available for an overview of the recommendations.
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September 2013

The HERO initiative has been taken a step further. This new website now gives you the opportunity to learn more about the HERO study and the lives behind the numbers.
Take a look around the site and get information on the HERO achievements, the people behind the HERO initiative, the lives of people with haemophilia and much more. We also invite you to voice your opinion about HERO and to enter into dialogue with us regarding possible research and publications based on the HERO dataset. This website is a point of departure for continuing news and updates on the HERO initiative, so stay tuned – and enjoy!
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